5 Activities for Self-Improvement over the Summer

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Summer is officially here!

Most of us will be on our way to the beach, parks, provinces and if your wallet permits, out of the country. BUT there are some of us whose definition of Summer isn’t those things but rather, A time to improve one’s self. 

5 Ways To Be Productive This Summer
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5 Activities for Self-Improvement over the Summer


5 Ways To Be Productive This Summer
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You can either go grand or simple. GRAND to the point of total renovation: change of paint, addition of cabinets, buying new beds, furniture and other stuff – imagine ROOM MAKEOVER as seen on TV. or as simple as switching of places of your TV, bed… addition of picture collage in your night stand maybe?

After the big change, this will be considered a real good project as it gives you the freedom to recreate your personal space, to get exactly what you want! This is very beneficial as you spent most of your time in your room, to create something, think over your life, and entertain friends. Maybe they’ll be so amazed with the transformation that they’ll be inspired to do theirs too and ask you for your “classy” taste.


New language, painting, cooking, photoshop, baking, instrument, to be an ambidextrous, learn how to drive, change a tire, sew… whatever it is, learning a skill after summer is a big accomplishment.

**Personal tip: Learn Photoshop (just look in on YouTube tutorials). Promise: this is a very beneficial skill to learn!

A dedicated time everyday is a good investment, you don’t need to pound yourself hard to learn in a few days/weeks. Remember that practice makes perfect. Also, the key here is for you to enjoy.


5 Ways To Be Productive This Summer
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Browse the Internet for different organizations where you can volunteer and help. Take the time to do something wonderful to others, this is emotionally fulfilling as it gives you that sense of happiness knowing that you just helped. Such activities can be more fun if you get to do it with family and friends.

Personally, I am more into animal and environment related organizations, as I feel that they are more in need because they cannot speak for themselves 🙁 and it is our duty as humans to take care of them.


Your INTEREST should be the foundation here, something you enjoy doing to the point that you lose track of time and becomes very proud once you’ve seen the finish product. I am leaning into a SHIRT BUSINESS, but I still need to learn a lot, and so I am thinking of spending time with people who do this for business. I excited to create and actually wear them, my own shirt can be my promotion and I get to be the model 🙂


A blog about everything… Self-help, finance, food, photography, travel… anything that you’re comfortable writing about. It is a wonderful feeling seeing people reading your thoughts and sometimes, agreeing with you… knowing that your experience were the same as that of others can be comforting sometimes.


Just be yourself, and stay positive in every post.

Stay positive with these Life Quotes that can inspire you.

I am thinking of doing this list: Mature as it sounds, I’m starting to be mellow now. I like things quiet, near and worthwhile…

I wish you a summer you’ll never forget… Choose your adventures wisely, as time is very important, and since you can never get it back, why not do something worthwhile?

Make this your Most Productive Summer Ever!

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5 Activities for Self-Improvement over the Summer

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