My First Time in Boracay

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My first time in the famous Island was an eventful week.

First, A bridesmaid for a wedding where I get to dress up. Second, being with my cousins was a blast (along with the word cousins are the overrated selfies and pictures of every kind).

Excited is an understatement. I remember having my own luggage worth 20 kilos for a local flight, only to end up borrowing clothes from my cousins – I don’t know what happened to all the clothes I brought with me.

Then comes the living arrangements where our family ends up being divided into 3 houses but let me say that the best house is our rented apartment with all the view and geckos surrounding the area.

Boracay beach in the morning is okay, I guess I have expected too much that it fall short on my expectations. It seems too crowded for me but I find it best in the afternoon when the shores stretched all the way down. I love the color of the sky, temperature of water and the people seemed more alive by this time of the day.

My First Time in Boracay

Our days were spent on sleeping, eating, walking, picture taking, swimming and playing in the sand. What a lovely week this has been to just walk under the rain without a care of getting wet.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am a bridesmaid and so comes the wedding day where we get to dress up with our lovely blue/green long dress, walk down the aisle and get a little teary eyed on some part of the ceremony.

After the wedding, we did take our pictures in the beach and the shots were amazing as the color of our gown was in contrast with the beach even the foreigners took our pictures. I guess there were fascinated with us or something…

My First Time in Boracay

Our water activities started. We went diving and saw the neon fishes swimming under the sea and the most thrilling one would be the Flyfish (which drained my energy – I felt feverish even before the activities started and though I am not feeling well, I didn’t pass on the chance to experience it).  All in all, it as a fun day.

My First Time in Boracay

By the time we head home, we’re all tired, sleepy but very happy. And one amazing thing was, we were able to to ride a land, air and water vehicle all in one day. Nice, right?

And so this ends my story on my fabulous time in this beautiful island.

Thank you for reading!

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My First Time in Boracay

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