My First Blog Entry

Last updated on June 5th, 2019 at 12:15 am

As I was walking on my way to work this morning I had several thoughts running in my head. I didn’t have any music on as I want to hear the morning buzz that I rarely hear nowadays because I’m always preoccupied on being late so I have to hurry… The sound of the sidewalks being swept by my neighbors, dogs barking, birds chirping etc. What a fresh start 🙂

With this fresh start in mind, I thought of where I am in my life right now (with me being 25 and all).

Family? Career? Love Life?  Finance? and even as my country’s citizen 🙂

I have always been conscious of the things that I need to accomplish before I turn into a specific age. So far looking in my previous bucket list I have done bits and pieces of it.

Driving (check). Learn another language (slight – As I only knew a few words and phrases in Spanish). Charity (Less than slight – As I’ve only inquire on how to be a volunteer) but I do have a CHARITY Plan on my upcoming birthday, and I hope this time it’ll be a Charity (check) for me. Travel abroad (check). Savings (in and out check). Learn editing (check).

There are more things to do, more things that I want to do and starting is and has always been a challenge.

Some would say that there is no pressure in accomplishing all these things at this age as I got a lifetime ahead of me and I cannot do all these at once. And with this in mind, I will take one step at a time…

My First Blog Entry

Fast forward to 2018 look at what my blog has become! Read on my related post here.

To anyone who will read this blog post, This proves that a small step is all you need to start and someday you will look back and see the bigger picture on what that small step was able to do and had become. Consistency is both an effort and is the key. You need to make time for your dream to come true, to put your thoughts into action and work for it. The result will not be instant but one day you will see it as broad as the daylight – that that is where my hard work pays off.

My first blog entry may be too personal and best kept private but I want it here to prove that it takes time to improve and when you did, looking back is really worth it.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Fast forward to 2018.
    Wow, this blog has been with me for many years now and I am reading through my past posts and can’t help but feel nostalgic. Creating this blog is one of the best decisions ever! Thankful for that wonderful morning when I felt so positive and hopeful to the point that it made me create this blog. Oh, I love you 25 year old me.

    Cheers to more years of blogging♥️

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My First Blog Entry

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